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Dora Animal Rescue Rush

Dora is one of the friendliest kid in the world and she really likes her friends. She would come to their aid to help them whenever they are in trouble. This is the reason why they love her so much. It doesn’t matter where they are on whatever kind of trouble they are in, but Dora would surely be there in their hours of need. He would get there somehow even if he didn’t know how to get there, she would risk her life for her friends as she value their friendship. That is what true friends are for and Dora is a real friend.

They say that in the jungle, it is almost impossible to get save when you are in trouble since there would be no one around, but Dora grew up there and she knows the jungle like the back of her hand. She would surely arrive there whenever her friends need her and that is what friends can do for you. There is no telling on when Dora would be able to get there, but nevertheless, she would be there in their hour of need. She would take the vehicle wherever it would be needed and would have come to the rescue for her friends in danger.

In this game, the idea is to get to the location as fast as you can. There would be some obstacle and you need to overcome them. Most of these obstacle are the road itself since it is not straight at all. The way to the finish line is not easy at all since it is full of mountain and you need to make sure that your car wont’ crash in all of these. The game gets harder as you make some progress and it becomes much more exciting.