Dora Ride Bike

Dora is a explorer, who always want to get out of town and explore anywhere. She doesn't want to stay at home because it is too boring for her. In fact, most of her time is spent outdoors, wherein she spends her time with her animal friends. She likes going to the jungle with her friend Butch, a monkey that always accompany her as she travels the jungle. And aside from Butch, she also has lots of friends, who seem to love her as she got a sweet and caring attitude. Right now, Dora is using her bike to get to where she wants to be, but the road ahead won't be a straight one since she needs to travel the mountain to get to where she needs to go. Ride along a Dora travels the road to the mountain to get to where she wants to be. The road won't be easy since the path is a mountain and might be dangerous for her. Fortunately, she isn't a cry baby that would sit down and do nothing to achieve her goal. She knows that getting to where she wants to be is only half the battle in this life.