Drive to Wreck

We all know how hard it is to drive a car. Those, who don't think that driving a car is hard don't have the car as they aren't aware of the danger that they could face whenever they are driving. Anyway, lets forget about a car as driving a truck is more dangerous than that. Those heavy equipment used on construction are really hard to drive since it is very big and it would be harder to control. One mistake is all it takes for you to get an accident. You can't say that you have the experience as accident do happen in the least expected moment. It is always advisable to drive with safety in mind to avoid an accident or at least minimize the potential of accident.

In this game, you need to drive the wrecking truck to another truck. You might think that not logical, but the concept behind it is very much logical since the truck can't go over the mountain pass. You would need to drive the wrecking truck over the mountain and drive it to another truck that is waiting for you. This game doesn't have a timer, but you would gain more points if you are able to accomplish the task as soon as possible.