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Drive Town Taxi

There are lots of people in the world today that finding a job would not be easy. Everyone wants a job and they would do anything just to find one. the competition is that high and you won't find it easy to find a job, so you should not be picky with a job. Just a find a job and if you want a better job then better stay and be a good employee without first job before you search for a high-paying job. In your case, you just found a job, your job as a taxi driver is to deliver the customers to their destination.

Your objective would vary most of the time, but there would be lots of time that you need to meet the required number of passengers that needed to be delivered to their destination. Sometimes, you would need to pick the money on the road. Other times, you would need to take out your competition. Whatever your goal, you need to do it as fast as you can because the time in this game is always ticking. Try not to bump into another vehicle on the game as that would damage your taxi. When your taxi can't take anymore then the game is over.