Dusk Till Dawn Racing

If you haven't driven a race car before then you haven't experience something near death in your lifetime. If you are going to talk to a race car driver then you would often hear their near death experience since they can't forget it. You might not want to hear it over and over again, but you won't have a choice when you are with a race car driver. If you really want to understand it then you need to drive a race car and drive from dusk till dawn or till you can't anymore. It might sound funny or crazy, but once you have tried it then you would think that it is just sane.

Drive your car as fast as you can till you reach the starting line several times. In most of the game, you need to avoid colliding with another car, but with this game, you can use that to your advantage since you can put them on an uncomfortable position and you would take a better position in the race. That won't promise the first position, but at least you won't be the last. You would get part of the prize reward depending on the position you got after the race. You can use the money to buy a better car.