Earn to Die 2: Exodus

The world has succumb to the zombie apocalypse and now most of your friends are dead. Somehow, you manage to live long, but you don't actually all that living since you are constantly hiding and running from the zombies. One day, while you are watching the television, other survivors tells that they can't hold the stronghold no more and urge everyone to get to them as they would leave for another stronghold. You know that this would be your last time to be rescued and if you can't get to them, then there is no telling how long can you live in such a forsaken world. Drive as fast as you can till you run out of fuel. At least, that is the idea, but there are times that your car can't move on not because it doesn't have any fuel left, but there are too much debris along the way. Anyway, you earn base on how far are you able to travel in this game. You can use the money to buy some upgrades for your car. That is the whole scenario and you would want to get closer inch by inch to your target. That is the real challenge that you need to overcome.