Earrn to Die 2012 part 2

Last time, you are able to get to the helicopter like you have planned, but little did you know that some of the zombies are able to get a hitchhike on your copter. Soon, the weight add on since other zombies are able to do the same thing as well. The heavy load is too much for the copter and it fell on the ground. Clearly, you are back to where you once before, until you heard your radio saying that every survivor need to get to the safe ground as they can’t hold it anymore. They are planning to abandon the place since there is too much zombies around.

From then on, you realized that you are in a difficult situation since the last safe place for you is going to get abandon by the military. In short, you need to get there before that happens or you would be alone again. That is something that you don’t want to happen as you have tried to reach the base for safety. Now, if you aren’t able to get ride with them then you would be left alone forever. This is something that turns a worse situation into an even worse than it is already is.

This is the continuation of the story since this would be the last of the series. Your goal is get as far as you can since you earn money with every distance you traveled. You can also earn points performing some stunts, but don’t count on it since that is not always the case. With the money you have, you can buy some upgrade that would enhance the performance of your truck. As you travel from one place to another, zombies would be even tougher and their number would increase. If you manage to get to the station then you would find another truck and from there, you need to travel using it.