Easters Truck

As every children is hoping that Santa would show up in their chimney every Christmas night, you can assure that is how every children would want to meet the Easter bunny every Easter Sunday. However, children aren't expecting toys as they would want some of those sweet treats that the Easter Bunny carries in his basket. The Easter bunny is at par with Santa Claus. And children won't be happy if no Easter bunny came. Like Santa, the Easter Bunny has his helpers, which produces the candies. As the orders were filled, the truck is waiting outside and it would deliver the sweets to the Easter Bunny, so the latter could give it to the children. As a newly hired driver, it is your job to ensure that the candies reach the Easter Bunny safely.

Wait for all the sweet treats to be loaded at the back of your truck. A green lights signals that you can go. Drive your truck as fast as you can as you have a limited time in this game. Try not to lose any candy, but don't stop if you lose some. You can't do anything at those candies. Just focus on your job and deliver the sweets to its destination.