Epic 911 Battle

It looks like that the world is getting crazy as people started killing someone else. They would drive their car and try to banged it against other vehicles till it is destroyed. Even cops, doctors and on the government agency that is supposedly to help people are participating in this mass destruction. Anyway, don't fret if you are not in the competition since there is a huge price money for the participants and all of them want to win the battle brawl for vehicles. If you are not part of the challenge then you need not to worry since the contest is done in a remote location and you are not going to be banged at.

In this game, the idea here is to destroy the other vehicles. You can choose your side, but there are no teams here since the rest of the vehicles are all participants and you would want to destroy them as fast as you can. You would earn money from banging vehicles till it explodes. You can use the money to buy some upgrades for your vehicle. The game would be more challenging as you make some progress, so be sure to buy those upgrades whenever you can.