Extreme Car Madness

Driving a car on a road with lots of truck is challenging enough, but how about driving your car in a road with no car. Sure, you would think that this would be easier, but wait as the condition is not yet finished. You need to drive your car in an extreme road, wherein most car would get destroyed. Now I caught your attention since that means that it is almost impossible. The road condition can only be seen on a nightmare since it is too extreme and one mistake could end your car crashing.

Drive your car as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. Better yet, you need to drive your car till you have fuel left in it. Your car would immediately explode when the fuel is all gone. You can pick up some additional fuel on the road, so that you can cover more road. However, there are lots of obstacle on the road that might slow you down. Try to do more stunts to earn more. Another way to earn in this game is to cover more roads. Perform some stunt along the way to activate the booster. The game becomes harder and harder as you make some progress.