Farm Truck Race

If you are living in a farm then you should know that there is not much money there since everything needs time and you need to work on it. Raising a farm animals would require several months depending upon the type of animals that you are taking care of. That goes the same thing with planting vegetables as those need to be taken care to for several months. Everything is limited and you need to really work all day to one day be able to harvest the fruits of your labor. That is why; some farmers turn to fishing and hunting aside from farming.

You on the other hand, turn your truck into a race truck as you need the money that you would get from winning the race. However, in this race, there won’t be any second place since the winning price is not that much. This race is held every year and you would need to wait for another year if you don’t win since there are no such thing as a second place in the race. For the sponsors, only the winner wins something and the rest goes home empty handed. You have prepared for this race as you did practice a lot and change the tires for this race.

In this game, you need to win the race so that you could compete in the next competition. There are no such thing as a second place because only the one who reaches the first place wins. The game is played with a keyboard and the idea here is speed. You need to go all the way as you need to win it. There would be no enemies in this game since this is just a friendly race. The terrain is what you need to watch out for as it would give you a hard time.