FBI Chase

Terrorist have infiltrated the city and they would want to use the city as their hideouts. These guys are wanted all over the world and they want to expand their territory in the city. As an FBI agent, it is your job to make sure that they can't operate on this country. You need to get rid of them whenever you see them. They can't operate on this country as they would just ruin the country for sure. The idea here is to destroy all of your enemies. It doesn't matter whether you gun them down or just bump it till it is destroyed. You would start chasing three criminals in the first level and that number would increase as you make some progress. If you are after score then you need to collect some badges for additional points. You would not get any penalty if you want to gun down every car that you see. The game doesn't have a timer, so you can finish it whenever you want. The game becomes better as you make some progress since you would need to take down more enemies as you make some progress. Are you ready to chase down some criminals?