Fire Engine Drive

The building is on fire and most of the people in that building is on panic because their lives are in danger. Someone called the fire department. You and your colleague immediately try to get there. Traffic is heavy during this part of the day and you know that if you commit a mistake then you would get an accident. You need to drive carefully, even if there is an ongoing fire. You still need to take care of the lives of the firefighters. They can't do their jobs if they can't get to the fire scene safely.

Drive as fast as you can till you get to the fire scene. The clock is ticking and you need to get to the fire scene as fast as you can or the game ends. Also, the game ends when you hit anything on the road. You need to be careful while driving. Though, you are in a hurry, you still need to observe some necessary driving precaution on the road. There is no glory in being a road hog. The game gets tougher as you make some progress. Try to get to the fire scene in as little time possible without hitting anything along the way.