Fire Fighters Truck 2

A firefighter's job should not be taken lightly since this is as dangerous as it can be. You need to put your life in danger to save lives. That is why; physical fitness is a requisite for those who want to save lives. If they are not fit themselves then they are just a hindrance to the team and might put the lives of others in danger. Usually, there would be a long set of training that you need to undergo to be a firefighter, but since not everyone is brave enough to be a firefighter, the training is shorten. As one of the newest recruits, who can drive the fire trucks of the department, the fire chief has no choice, but to appoint you as their truck driver. You need to master all the trucks in the fire department and use them efficiently as fast as you can.

A building is under fire and someone call for help. Your job is to drive the truck as fast as you can to the scene. Try not to damage the truck too much. As you arrive at the scene, carefully park your truck at the parking space. There are times that you need to drive more than one truck in a level because one truck is not enough.