Fire Truck Master 2

Early in the morning, someone called the fire department to report a live fire near their area. Immediately, the fireman dress up and try to go the the fire scene. They know how important time is and if they are late then there would be people dying from suffocation or through burning. The firemen can only rely on one of their comrades to get them to the fire scene safely. The truck driver needs to hurry up, but he also need to observe some safety precautions while driving, so they can safely get to the fire scene to put out the fire.

No, you won't be the fireman in this game as you are the driver. Your job is to get there as fast as you can. There is a time limit in the game, but you need to remember that safety is utmost important in this game. But, you can get to the fire scene even if your truck is badly damage. If your truck falls in its back then you have a few seconds to get back on the road. At least, before your truck explodes. The idea here is to get to the burning building as fast as you can and from there, you can put out the fire with the hose.