Fire Truck Master

Summer is the time of fun for most people, but, that is not always the case as this is also the month of fire. And accidents are bound to happen. If may be the case of faulty electric system or something else that might cause the fire to struck. Either way, no one would like it when it happened. That will be terrible because people are not only going to lose their home, as there are times that some people lose their lives. Fortunately, there are some people brave enough to rescue us during our needs and they are not afraid of putting their lives in danger. They maybe underpaid, but they won’t hesitate to put their lives in danger to save yours.

This game is about those brave souls that put their lives at stake so you can rest assure that you can survive the disaster. Actually, this is all about the truck they use to rescue people. The idea here is to drive the truck as fast as you can and arrive at the area with the least time used. Use the hose to blow those fire away and you’ll go on to the next level, once the fire has been put out.