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Fire Truck Racer 3D

Whenever there are fire outbreaks, we tend to call the firefighters and hope that they could put out the fire as soon as they got there. The sooner they put out the fire, the better it is for us as we don't want the fire to spread out. At least, we could minimize the damage that it might took. Usually, there are lots of money that is lost in a fire outbreak. That is why; the government always make it one of their priority to upgrade the fire department. A firefighter is physically fit to be able to handle all kind of hardships in their line of work, but nothing can prepare them for boredom.

There are a lot of things that a firefighter can do to combat boredom, but one thing is for sure. They won't be using the fire truck to race. Well, at least in this game, we get to see a fire truck racing. The whole idea here is to get to the finish line first. But, that won't be easy as you would be competing against other fire trucks. If you want to go faster then just drive over the booster symbol (red). Avoid the oil sleek for obvious reason.