Fire Truck Rumble

You might have seen some firefighters saving the day, but what you don't know is that there is someone at their back. Though, their families are always at their backs, this is not about them. Before you can see the action on the fire scene, there is the truck driver, who would do everything in his power to arrive at the scene before everything else is bunt. They have to go against the traffic and this is not easy since some car owners don't care about anything , but themselves. They won't let the fire truck driver get pass them. Fortunately, these fire truck drivers are that skilled when it comes to maneuvering trucks. They are able to make it to their destination early.

Wait for the countdown to end before starting your engine. Drive your truck as fast as you can, but try to avoid colliding with any vehicles because that will daamge your truck. Your truck will explode if it takes too much damage. Try to grab some health along the way to repair some damage. There are also fast-forward and shied that will help you to get through traffic and arrive at the scene before everything else gets burned down.