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Firefighter's Truck

This months might not be fire awareness month, but if we aren’t going to be careful with fire then an accident might occur. Recently a fire broke out in an area and the fire fighters can’t apprehended the situation. Up to now, the fire is uncontrollable and it is taking lives and properties near the area. More and more people are getting upset and scared because of the situation. If this continue then who knows on what might happened next. The fire trucks are already dispatch to the area, but still the fire outbreak can’t be controlled. If this continues then lives could be lost.

Usually fire outbreak happens every summer, but this is not the case here as it is only in February. The police believes that this incident is deliberate, which mean someone has planned and executed this. The police are carefully looking at that angle since lives could be lost here. They would not rest until they find out the culprit behind the major catastrophe. Right now, all that people could do is to pray for everyone near it. As for the fire trucks, there would be more of them since the fire outbreak is really huge.

In this game, you need to drive the fire fighter’s truck near the burning area. This could be hard depending on how you handle your wheels. Don’t worry about the direction since you would just need to follow the arrow to get to the right direction. Sure, it won’t be easy as there are lots of buildings and other vehicles in the area, making your job a little harder than already is. Once, you get to that area, then your job is finish. You would then head on to the next level, wherein you would need to do it all over again, but don’t expect that it would be easier.