Firefighters Truck 2

Finding a job is never easy and is always handy having different skill because that will assure you of sure work. Fortunately, you know how to drive trucks and that is what the fire department needed. Since these months, there are lots of fire outbreaks; you can expect that there will be a lot of action. As a driver, you need to get the firefighters to the scene, so they can do their job. You need to assure them their safety since you control the wheels that will take them to the burning building. It means that you can't take your job lightly as they are depending on your driving prowess.

There will be a lot of fire outbreaks, so you need to take the firefighters to the scene. Drive the truck as fast as you can till it reaches the burning building. Upon arrival, carefully park your truck to the designated parking space. But getting there is not easy as you need to maneuver your truck all the way to the scene. Sometimes, there will be traffic, so you need to take alternative route. Emergency doesn't give you the right to be the king of the road.