Firefighters Truck

After months in the waiting list, you finally landed a job in the fire department. You know how valuable your job is since it is your job to save lives. Since you are the only guy that can drive trucks in the group, it is your job to get the firefighters to the scene. You need to make sure that no harm will come to the firefighters. Of course, you also need to make sure that you won't run any pedestrian on the road. A fire broke out in the building and your team got dispatch to the scene. Now, is the time to prove that the fire department needs you.

You will be driving several trucks in this game. Drive your truck as fast as you can to the building on fire. There is an arrow that will point you to the right direction, so you can go to the scene where the fire is. Concentrate on your driving and make sure that you won't run over any pedestrian. Also try not to damage the truck as you drive it. Once, you get to the fire scene, carefully park your truck to the designated parking space. The game has a time limit, so you need to hurry up.