Fireman Forest Rescue

A bush fire is a common occurrence in the jungle since some of the trees and the grass are always dried and a cigarette lighted than dispose in the forest could ignite. Of course, no one would want to do that in purpose since they would be caught in the fire. Another possible way is through lightning and it would spread so quickly killing anything that is its path. When a fire starts, it would be best to put it out as fast as can be since it is a danger to all people and animals living near the area.

Once it started, you need to act fast and it would be best not to act on your own since it is a general concern for people near the area. It is time to call in the experts that are highly trained to combat such occurrence. The fireman would quickly get into the area and would try to put out the fire. Sometimes, the fireman would need to start another bush fire to choke out the fire. The principle there is that to cut out any source of fuel for the fire. The second fire use the trees in the nearby area and when the second fire got there, there would be no more wood to fuel it, thus, choking the fire.

In this game, you would not need to create a second fire to put out the fire. The fire truck can put it out in an instance once it get to the scene. The idea here is to drive the truck all the way to the fire. You need to go through the forest and make sure that you reach the burning part of the forest. Try to grab the water in the area since you would need it.