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Fireman Kids Western

In the old West, everyone carries a gun and they don't care about the things that are happening besides them. They would shoot anyone, who is foolish enough to messed with them. So, if a fire outbreak happened, no one would go out and rescue you except you. Fortunately, a mayor stands up and began the fire brigade since he have lost some people before from a fire outbreak. It opened his eyes to a lot of possibilities. It was a small brigade, who takes care of the town against fire outbreak. At least, the people of that town have one less worry.

Soon, every town realizes the danger of fire outbreak and started a fire brigade of their own. No, they are not putting their guns down since there is only one Sherriff, and he can’t be on every edge of the town every time someone terrorizes the city. However, the fire is easier to control now since a fire brigade is always on the call, waiting for a fire outbreak to happened. No, they aren’t praying for it, but with the heat of the sun drying up almost everything, a fire outbreak is not far away from happening.

In this game, the fire truck don’t have some water in it and it needs to collect some water to put out the fire. The idea here is to get to the fire scene as fast as you can. Of course, there would be water droplet along the way and you would need to collect them. You can do that by simply driving through them. There is a timer and you need to make sure that you are able to reach the finish line as fast as you can or at least, before the timer expires. There would be debris slowing you down and that is something to challenge you in this game.