Fireman Sam Firetruck

The fire alarm is trigger and Sam knows that this is serious. He can't just sit it out as buildings are burning and there might be lives that would be lost, if he can't act quickly. Sam immediately wear his suit and went on to drive his firetruck. He needs to get there as soon as possible or there would be casualties. However, getting there is harder than most people think, since the road is not as straight as you think it is. Water could be lost if Sam isn't careful enough. What is even worse is that, he could get an accident while driving. He needs to be calm and stay focus on what he is doing. For now, his mission is to get to the fire scene.

Drive the truck below the water tank and fill it in with lots of water. Drive your truck as fast as you can till you reach the burning building. There is simply no time to waste since each second passing by would mean more destruction on the part of the building. What is even worse is that, there could be lives in danger. When you get to the fire scene, you need to put out the fire as fast as you can.