Firetruck 2

A building is on fire and everyone near the fire scene was scared that their house might also burn. Someone called 911, immediately, he sirens are heard all over the city and the firetruck is on the way. As the people heard the siren, they immediately know that there is still hope, thus, their worries are partially gone.

As the fire truck driver, your job is to get the firefighters in the scene of the action. You also need to fill your truck with lots of water or find a fire hydrant near the fire scene. Upon arriving at the fire scene, you can let the firefighters work their wonders.

Drive your truck as fast as you can till you reach the building on fire. There are lots of obstacles on the road and they come from all shape and size, but don't let that stop you. The game has a limited time and you need to reach the fire scene on time or there won't be anymore to save. In this game, there are nothing to pick up on the road. Should your truck land on its back, you have time left as long as the health bar got something on it.