Firetruck's Driver

Summer is here again and everything is dry. And we already know that dry stuff tend to light up easily. All it takes for a fire to start is within seconds and if you are not able to put it out then it would become huge since it would burn anything on its path. A water sprinkler system is a must for any building since that would make sure that your property won’t be reduced to ash. However, time and time again, people have been forgetting about this and a fire broke out every time. When a fire broke out, it would be best to call in the experts as they were trained for those situations.

You’ve just been hired as a fire truck driver and this would be your test if the fire department would retain or fire you. Of course, you know that finding a job isn’t that easy. If you lose this job, there isn’t an assurance that you can find another right away. Better do it right since you would need some money to pay for the rent. Aside from food, water, and electricity there are lots of things that you would want to buy and those things are pricey. Losing your job won’t help.

In this game, the siren has been alarming the whole neighborhood. You have been dispatched quickly to put out the fire since the fire department don’t want any fire to go out of control. In this case, it already engulfed the whole building. The idea here is to get to the fire scene as fast as possible. To get there, you would need to drive all the way to the burning building. When you get there, you would need to park your truck in the right place. There is a parking area and you would need to carefully park your truck.