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Summer is the time, where there are many fire accidents. The air is hot and anything would easily ignite since materials tend to easily dry during these season. You can't expect a rain during these hot months, so don't look for that. You need to call in fire department. The fire department would dispatch a firetruck. These trucks would carry their best firefighters for the job. When the firetruck arrive, you can rest assure that there would be hope left for you. Well, the hope is there as long as the fire does not burn all of your house. That is why; firetrucks have siren to ensure that there won't be traffic holding him back while going to the fire scene.

Drive your truck as fast as you can till you reach the building on fire. Try not to land on your back, but if that should happen, you have a few seconds to get back up. At least, you have time left as long as your health bar isn't zero. The road ahead won't be easy since there are all kinds of vehicles blocking your way. Also, the road won't be straight because of a previous earthquake that has befall the city.