Firetrucks Driver

As one of the newly recruits, you need to make sure that the fire department won't be disappointed with your performance. You need to act like a real pro and drive the trucks in the department to the burning building. You are the only that got the driver's license, so you are needed in the department. They will be relying on you the most since you are the truck driver and would be carrying the firefighters and the water to the scene. You need to ensure the safety of the firefighters as they would be the one that will go in the building to fight the fire. You need to drive more than one truck in the department since there are no one that can drive the trucks other than you.

Drive the truck as fast as you can till you reach the burning building. Maneuver your way to the highway and make sure that you won't hit anything, especially pedestrian on your way to the scene. Time is important in this game since each second you delay, the fire is spreading more. Remember that emergency is not an excuse for accident. There would be times when you need to drive more trucks in a level.