Fish Trucks

Fish are not as abundant as before like is was back the early times. Sad to say, as the population grew, people tend to consume more fish and this become a problem for the marine life. Fortunately, some people are raising some fishes in their fish cage and this is what supplying the local demands. However, birds usually get the fishes in the fish cage, so the cage owners use gun to kill the birds. You got your job as a driver for a cage owner and you need to deliver the fishes to the market. Your boss is counting on you, so the fishes are loaded at the back f your truck. You are given a gun to protect the fishes with.

You need to protect your fishes and shot the birds before they can even get close to the truck. Once, you accumulated enough points, the shop opens and you can buy some upgrades. Try your best to eliminate the birds before they can get close to the truck. You need to keep this up till you reach the market or you fail the game. The game gets more challenging as you make some progress.