Fix your Sports Car

You were a race car driver, back in the days, but now that you are old, you tend to shy away from race car anymore. When your son was old enough, you tried to restore your old car to be given to him on his birthday. You know that your son would really appreciate it as he likes car when he was a kid. Now, that he is older, you are going to give him your own car. Actually, it is a sports car, but there is no guarantee that he would use it to become a race car driver just like you. For now, you want to restore the car to its former glory. Back when it is still running in good condition. It is all banged up as you were using it on tournaments before, so it needs to be repaired. The car is old and all banged up because it was a sports car back in your day. And now, you need to fix it back to its former glory. The game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to fix the car. There are no timer in this game as you can take all the time in the world just to fix the car.