Flat Italian Style Car

Driving on a runway is not that easy as there lot of things that might happen to you while driving. The worst being having an accident while driving. You would be lucky if you just got some bruises since most of the people that got an accident loses their life. An accident on the road could possibly be due to a lot of things, but most of them can be avoided if you are just careful. That is why; there are licenses, so that those who aren't responsible drivers can't get a license to drive. They would not be only a threat for themselves, but to the general public as well. Sorry to disappoint you if you want to drive, but this game is a puzzle game, wherein you need to piece the broken pieces back together. That just mean that you can only play the game with the mouse. If you are just starting out then try to easy mode and take out the timer, so you can figure out how to fix the puzzle. As you gain confidence, you can try the medium and hard game mode and put the timer back on. Do you think you can put the pieces back together?