Flintstone Race

Back in the prehistoric times, life is just simpler as you just need to hunt to be able to provide for your family. There are no paper works and there are no certainly no traffic in that era. But, are you sure about this. Back in those times, people are also enjoying some technologies, but it is not just as hi tech as today's modern technologies. They got vehicles, but there are no engines to run it back then. They just rely on their feet for the power for their vehicles. But, they sure enjoy it a lot and often times, they use it for other things like racing. Back then, The Flintstones are the most popular family and would have been the reality stars in those era.

In this game, you are Fred Flintstone and you need to ride your bike as fast as you can. You need to get to the finish line in one piece to get to the next level. The road ahead won't be easy since it is not flat at all like in the real world. The game gets harder and more challenging as you make some progress. Try to balance your bike at all times.