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Food Delivery Havoc

Working in a restaurant sure has its ups and down. Nevertheless you will learn how to run your own restaurant someday. You just got hired as a driver for a restaurant. You obligation includes picking up the food at the restaurant and delivering it to the doorsteps of the customer. Today is your first day and you want to have a long-lasting job, so you do your best in the field delivering some food for the customers. You need to be quick with those food delivery or the customers won't be happy with your services.

Drive your vehicle as fast as you can till you reach the restaurant. Maneuver your way through the traffic to get to where you want to go. Park your car carefully . Make sure to park it just right in the parking slot or you won't proceed with the next task. Drive your van until you get to the customer's house and you will make money. Try to do it several times until your time is up. You need to at fast or there won't be enough money for you and you will never advance to the next level. There are eight levels in the game.