Foofa Race

Love is a powerful thing that helps a person to get to new heights. It is what fuels a person's desire to become better. In your case, it is time that you prove something, so that she would see you as worthy of her love. You don't want to be defeated by a woman since you are trying to impress her in the first place. If you can't prove yourself to her then you would be just a mere friend for her and you wouldn't have anything to be proud of for the rest of your life.

In this game, you can be whoever you want and represent that. All of the character here has their own story, but the game is not about the story as you need to focus on winning the race. No, this race is not like any race you have played before since cheating is legal here. It means that you can pick up some weapon and use it anytime you wish against your enemy. You can just pick one weapon at a time, but there are lots of weapon on the road, so use the weapon as you like it. The other competitor would surely use it against you, so do it too.