Fred Pick Up Tour 2

Fred just been released from the mental hospital. Doctors made a mistake as they thought that he was sane. They didn't notice that something was troubling him. So, when he got released, he was lucky to get a girlfriend. One day, while driving his truck, he went on a rampage to get something for his love one. He doesn't care if he destroy other things around him just to give the desires of his love one. What is worst is that, the pedestrians that are crossing are run-over just for fun. No one can stop him as there wasn't a single police on sight.

In this game, you don't care about what Fred does since you are the one that controls him. Your objective is to destroy and kill anything on your path. There is an arrow that guides you around the racetrack. Follow it around and you will get your objective very well. There are power-ups in the game that will help you in your campaign, but the most useful of them all is the time extension because you will be given extra time. As you might have guessed it, this game is time restricted, but it has plenty of time to cause much damage.