Frozen ice Cream Truck

This might not be hot day, but ice cream can still sell even in this cold months of ber. For an ice cream seller, there won’t be any off season as people would want to buy ice cream all year round. It is not even important if it is not their birthday, but eating an ice cream makes a person feel jolly. Sweets are one of the best ways to make yourself feel happy and somehow, those people selling ice cream know that fact. That is why, they have chosen ice cream to dell since they know that ice cream knows no season, but it would always be eaten best during the hot days of summer and that is the time when the ice cream seller would make the most money.

As an ice cream vendor for so many years, you know that you won’t make that much money today, because of the cold weather, but you still know that you can make some cash since some people would still love the taste of ice cream. Knowing this, you know that all you need in this livelihood is to make the effort to go out and sell ice cream in your truck.

In this game, you need to make some cash and you can do that, by selling some ice cream to people that want some ice cream. You just need to serve them fast, so that you won’t lose any customer. If you are not quick enough then the customer would get mad and left you. Also, try to give them what they want since you won’t be making any money if you give them the wrong stuff. The more ice cream you sell, the more money you make. In time, you would unlock different flavors that you can sell in your truck.