Fruit Truck

Taking care of a farm is no easy work as you need to till the land, care for the plants, trees and animal till it is ready fr harvesting. Only after that, you can sell the fruits. Now, you need to sell it to the market and you don't want any of the fruits to be wasted on the road. You need a dependable truck, which can drive the fruits safely to the market. You need to be able to handle the truck with ease or you might end up loosing. Take emphasis on driving as you would need to be able to reach the market safely. You need to practice a lot before you can be good at driving.

Wait for the fruits to be loaded at the back of the truck. The green light would light indicating that you need to go now. Drive your truck as fast, but as safely as possible. Try to balance your truck all the time as the road ahead won't be a smooth ride. It is full of mountain and it can cause your fruits to be thrown on air if you are not driving carefully. The game has a timer, but your effort would be lost if you lose the fruits.