Fruits Truck

For a farmer, harvest time is the most awaited time of the year since that would be the time when their fruits would be converted to cash. Some fruits can be harvested all year round, but there are some that can be harvested once a year. If you are wise, then you would choose to plant the fruits that can be harvested all year round. Most of this fruits have a long life span and they would take longer years before they can be fully mature to produce fruits, but if you have the patience and time then that would be a great choice.

This farmer got the right idea since he planted different fruits and now, he is reaping the rewards of both kind of fruits. The fruit that produce fruits all year round give him an income all year round while the seasonal would yield him even greater income since it would sell high in the market. But, lets not forget that producing the fruit is only half the job since you would need to get it to the market where it would be sold by the vendors on their stall. You would need a responsible driver for that to make sure that none of the produce would be lost.

In this game, you don't need to wait till the fruit is ripe or something since all you need to do is to deliver the fruits to the market. Make sure that you have enough fruits that when you arrive in the market. You won't pass a level if you can't deliver the right amount of fruits.