Gang Wars : GTA

When a gang war erupted near your place, you don’t hide or get scared since you are part of that gang war. You are one of the gangs protecting that place and you need to make sure that you could drive those hoodlums out of your territory. They are up to no good and the citizens would be glad that they would be out of the area. They know that they can trust you and you need to protect your own people. Those guys would surely up the protection money and that is something that your people don’t like. You have been ruling the old block for quite some time and they know that they need not to worry with you. Beside, you are just and just take a small fee. At some point, you even give some money to the poor and that is why they like you that much.

However, with a new gang in town, they would surely run the business men out of business. They would took everything and those people would ever have much to take care of their needs. If they have taken you down ten there won’t be peace around the area.

In this game, you are part of a gang and you need to take care of the other gang. However, the first thing that you need to do is to locate them. You need to drive your car and go to the area where those goons are located. You would have to find them yourself. You would have a clue at the start of the game on where you could find those gangs. The rest would be up to you. The game has a time limit and you do need to locate them before the shooting starts. The game would get even harder as you make some progress.