Gangsta Killa game : GTA

The street where you grow up is so tough that if you aren’t going to learn how to be tough then the other guys would just eat you up. Not physically, but they would just abuse you and you aren’t going to be respected. You need to fight back since that is the only thing that they know. For them, if you aren’t going to fight back then they would just think that you are too afraid of them. And anyone that is afraid of them must need to obey their rules and sometimes do end up dying in their hands. They don’t care since for them you are just a trash.

Of course, you are one brave guy and when you can’t take any more of it, you grab your gun and start shooting. The gangs have piled up and they start shooting at you too, but you know the neighborhood that well. It is easier to hide when you know the place. You grow up there so you know the place like the back of your hands. On the other hand, those gangs didn’t came from around the area, so it is really hard for them to find and kill you.

In this game, the idea is to keep on surviving. No, you won’t be hiding as there are enemies everywhere. It would be hard to hide. Anyway, the game don’t give you much on an option since the game is all about shooting and that is what you need to do. You would be running along the road and start shooting anything. The gangs would be driving some vehicles and they would be shooting you. You need to take them down first before they can kill you. There are money that you can pick on the road and some upgrades for your gun.