Garbage Truck Drive

Everyday, there are millions of trash in a city alone. You can't even imagine a city that has no problem with trash. As if it is part of a growing economy. But, we all know that we can't live and work with trash around in every corner of eh road. That is where the garbage collectors come in. The garbage collector brings in their garbage truck to easily collect the garbage. The truck needs to be park near the garbage, so garbage collecting won't be hard for the garbage collectors. While it is true that garbage collectors do most of the work, there is someone that you tend to forget whenever you are giving some gifts to the garbage collectors. The garbage collectors does most of the work, but the garbage collector can't go near the garbage on their own. They need the help of the garbage truck driver for them to get near the garbage.

Drive the truck near garbage. That might sound like easy, but that is not the case with this game since a single bump would send you back to the starting line. On top, of that, time won't be reset. The idea here is to park the garbage's truck rear to the garbage to be able to collect it.