Giant Hummer

Monster trucks are among the biggest vehicles that you can see on the road. They are often used on the mountains because there are a only a few vehicles that can be use there. Most vehicles would have a trouble exploring the mountain because of the harsh condition, but that is not the case with the hummer. A hummer is kind of monster trucks that are commonly seen on the mountain. This vehicle would be so expensive for a regular employee so only a few can buy one. A giant hummer would be fit for the harsh condition on the mountain as it is built especially for such condition.

Drive your truck as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. Aside from the obstacles, the road isn't straight so it would be easier to get an accident. That is why; you need to exercise all the necessary precautions at all times. Get all the briefcase that is loaded with money. Try to perform stunt to get some some power. You will be given with five lives to finish the game. You need to finish three level to get a cup. Everything won't be easy in this game so you need to balance your truck all the time or you can't go nowhere.