Girl Rush

A girl open up a salon. She was able to make it big in the business as the saloon is quite popular. She got some help from her family and friends. Soon, she was able to buy a lot of stuffs and she hired someone to attend to her business. Also, she bought a truck for transportation. One day, she got shocked when her attendant called and told her that the saloon was robbed. The robber got all her stuff, including the cosmetics. Unfortunately, this robber seems to be mocking her as the cosmetics were scattered around the road. The robber seems to be urging her to follow him to his hideout. The girl rushes to his truck and decided to get all the cosmetics on the road.

Drive as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. Drive your truck with safety in mind so you won't get an accident on the road. Don't forget to grab all the cosmetics that you can find on the road. Each cosmetics has an equivalent point. Whenever you are able to pass a level, you will gain one more life. Try to save as much life as you can since it will be converted to points in the end.