Go Zombie Go

The zombies ruled the Earth for several years now and they are showing some kind of intelligence. It seems that their intelligence grows as they get older. They started as infant when they get zombiefied, but now they are slowly regaining some of their intelligence back when they were still humans. They can even drive some vehicles and has started their own community. In fact, they have their own truck race and they are really professional when it comes to their rules. They are law abiding citizen and is far better when they were humans. The race is about to start and it is every zombie for themselves.

Don't worry because this game is not about eating some brain or something like that. The is drive your truck as fast as you can. You need to get the third spot for you to advance to the next level, but that won't be easy as the AI's are really great and they won't let you win. You need to do your best to be able to proceed to the next level. There are no power ups in this game, as you will need to defend on your driving skills to win the game.