Golden Duel

Back in the Wild Wild West, everything is settled with a gun duel. Only the fast draw is right and everyone that fall during the duel is wrong. It is a winner take all kind of battle and no one wants to be the looser because they know that they don't anything as they would be dead by then. it would be wise to stay out of argument if you are not quick to draw your gun as you would end up dead. During those days, bandits are all around and some kids even dream of becoming bandits because they know that there would be no law that would come after them. However, in a small town in Sta Rosa, one name stand up against the rest. Fortunately, he is a sheriff known as Johnny Law.

The game is played via mouse and you need to be quick in this game or you would end up dead. You earn the reward money of the fallen bandits you encountered. You can use the money to buy some upgrades. If you are out of bullets, just click on the revolver and within a few seconds, it would be loaded with bullets.