Grave Truck Digger

Halloween is here and everything that goes bump in the night would come out since this is their day. They would be feasting on the living things and people should know that. People should be wary of their surroundings since they don't know if one of those creatures are lurking in the dark. Truly, this is a night where people should be extra careful since they might be the next meal for those ghoul, goblins or whatever monster the dark holds. No one knows when those things that goes bump in the night goes out. Surely no people would want to investigate since they value their lives.

But, one thing is certain those ghoul and everything else that goes bump in the night would not be a match for the monster trucks. These trucks are a force to be reckoned with. They would just splat anything that would anything on the road. Thankfully, there would be no people around when that happens since it is a monsters' night. Monsters might be everywhere in this night of terror, but they can't harm you if you are in your home or on the monster truck. Those are your options when it is Halloween.

The idea in this game is to get to the finish line as fast as you can. The time is limited and you might not have the luxury of doing some tricks, but if you can do some then do it. Those tricks would go a long way as your score would rise. There are times that is a requirement, in which you don't have an option, but to do it. The quest might be tough, but if you put your mind through it there is nothing that can you achieve. To put it much simpler, just do it.