GTA 5 game

Life is tough, but we can't give up on it and we need to adopt. If you can learn some skills then learn it to make money. Well, you don't have a skill yet, so you need to be tough to make money. You are just a bully, who is out of his luck. Whenever there are passersby, you attack them and grab their money. That is what you do to make money. However, it doesn't make you enough money, so you need to find a better way to make money. But, being a thug is all you got, so you need to find better ways to make money. You need a weapon to make it to the rough times. That would help you to make a lot of money a lot easier.

In this game, you are a lowly thug, so you need to play rough. You need to attack people, whoa re walking next to the road to make a hundred dollars, which you can use to buy a weapon that you can use. As soon as you have a weapon then it would be easier to make money. Once, that you have a gun then you can go with car napping since there would be cops that are going after you for that.