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GTA 5 - Roblox

In a world where we need to be rough, there is no assurance that you would be the last one standing, so we would need some allies. They can be either some friends or some hired fighters to protect our backs. Either way, we know that we would be safe with them around since we can’t fight all of our enemies at once. We need some assistance from time to time since they are the one that we can rely upon. It is better to have a friend depending our backs then to have no one at all depending us. Mercenaries might be only there for the money, but they are nevertheless allies and we should cherish them for as long that we have some money, they would be there to help us. When we don’t have money then they would surely walk out of us and live us to alone to fight the enemies. They might turn their backs on us if they are being offered a huge sum by the enemies that they are fighting now. This is the reason why, you need to make more money as mercenaries are valuable allies, but they can also be our enemies if the price is right. In this game, the idea is to kill all enemies. The game is played with a keyboard and you would need to act fast since those enemies would come so swiftly that it might be too late to react once they are there. We need to attack first since there is no hiding in this game and the mission is to clear all of our enemies in the level. The game gets harder and more challenging as we make some progress. We need to be at our best game or we might not be able to make it to the next level.