GTA Ace Gangster Unblocked

You own a shop, but someone, who was envious of you burn it and no one was there to stop him or even to point the assailant out. Its been two months and with no shop, you need to find a job. You are pretty desperate as there are no jobs available to you at the market. One day, you got a call from Big Joe, a long time friend. He told you to meet him at his office, so you went there. When you got there, you found out that the job that he is offering you is not a descent one. You don't have a choice, so you accepted it anyway.

In this game, you are a former gangster, who is out of his luck and you need to get back to your old ways to live. First, you need to get to the office and your transformation is just a bike. But, you can stole some cars if you want to. Just make sure that there would be no cops around the corner or you would get busted. When you got to his office, you found out that the job that he offers you is a dirty one. He needs you to deliver a package for him to one of his colleagues. He would told you to go steal a car since it is required.