GTA: Carbon Auto Theft

Life is hard and if you don't have the degree needed to make it to the real world, you can't survive at all. This made you very desperate and you realize that you won't get any help from anyone, so you try your luck on everything, but every job you tried to applied to , won't accept you. Your family is hungry and you are pretty desperate. Right now, it is not important whether you are doing the right thing or not, so you pursue a life of crime. There are lots high-end car parked in the parking area and they are ripe for the picking. You could make some big bucks if you are able to pull this true.

In this game, you are a car thief and you need to steal some cars to make it through. The game ends once you been busted and you are not going to jail, if you are not going to alert the cops. That means, you need to disassemble the alert in the car and drive it to the exit point without hitting anything. The game gets harder and more exciting as you make some progress. You better not cause any commotion or you would get yourself busted.